The Spirit

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Sense of Humour

All Teams must have a sense of humour. Any team without a sense of humour must arrange to borrow one for the duration of the rally. Any team caught without one will have one thrust upon them with vigour.


Teams are expected to embrace the spirit of Ramshackle. This extends to all aspects of the rally and in general means that you should help fellow Ramshacklers where possible and generally be a good sport. We are not suggesting you spend your entire rally looking after everybody else, but stopping to check if everything is alright when you spot a break down is a good example. Remember - you never know when your own bum may need an empty seat!


Spray paint is strictly forbidden on any Ramshackle Rally. Vehicles decorated in spray paint must display artistic intent. Vehicles which appear vandalised, at the start or at any point during the rally will be prevented from further participation.

Ramshackle ASBO

Anti-Social behaviour of any description will not be tolerated on any Ramshackle Rally. All teams must respect the hotels, restaurants and other venues which host the rally and conduct themselves accordingly. Teams must comply with the organisers 'designated driver' policy in relation to the consumption of alcohol. The organisers reserve the right to remove any team or person from the rally who finds themselves unable to comply with this behaviour policy.


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