The Rally Format

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Ramshackle Pamplona follows a slightly different format to our other events being only a three day rally with less overall mileage. The rally starts with registration on the 1st July in Calais and the prize giving party takes place on the 5th July in San Sebastian. From there it's onwards to Pamplona to enjoy the San Fermin Festival. A full festival guide is available to registered teams. Registration on the Thursday starts at 18h00 and goes on until midnight. This is at a local pub so it's best to find your hotels and check in as soon as you can and then join us at registration venue for some introductory lessons on French beer! This is a great time to get to know other teams and arrange your convoys. Fancy dress is encouraged for that all important first impression. You'll need to complete some paperwork so please and don't forget to bring your documents. Once you've registered you'll receive your wristbands for access to the venues along the route and your all important Rally Bible.

The Start

Teams begin to gather at the start from 07h00 to 08h00 on the Friday morning. The first leg of this rally is fairly tame from a Ramshackle perspective so expect a meaty challenge! This is a really great time to inspect all the cars and see the teams strutting their stuff. The rally officially starts at 08h30 with a blast of the claxon and the car park empties with intrepid Ramshacklers grabbing their first challenge packs on the way to the first stop over.

The Days

Challenge packs for each days mission are distributed at the starting locations. The Ramshackle Crew are at these locations from 08h00 - 09h30. The details of these locations are found in your Rally Bible. Depending on your plans you can wait at the locations and leave in convoys or shoot off as soon as you have your challenge packs...the choice is yours. This is a good opportunity to get the convoys back together for the days travels.

The Evenings

Each evening we get together in a pre arranged venue where the challenges are marked. We select venues in attractive parts of the cities we visit so that you can appreciate some of the surrounding culture on your short visit. The crew are there from about 18h00 each evening. Most of the venues we visit provide a discounted Ramshackle menu so they're a great place to eat drink and be merry. Very merry.

The Final Night

Teams arrive at the final venue nervously wondering who'll snatch the prize, who'll win best car and who'll walk away with the most coveted trophy: The Spirit of Ramshackle Award. With all the festivity of a cup final the awards ceremony takes place, the winners are announced and it's all over with the traditional Rrrrrrrramshackle cheer!

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