Ramshackle Pamplona

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About The Rally

Ramshackle Pamplona is a rally like no other. A little easier on the odomoter but just as taxing on your sanity! The route is intentionally shorter. Yes we could have travelled via Moscow but the intensity of the San Fermin festival takes no prisoners and you'll need a little in the reserve tank for that.

The official finish of the rally is in the picturesque Basque city of San Sebastian although the Ramshackle journey continues after the fact a little further south into Pamplona culminating at the world famous San Fermin festival and all the madness that goes with it including the notorious Running of The Bulls! If you don't fancy the run then don't despair, the San Fermin festival has much more to offer.

The willing participants must place their trust in a few quid's worth of scrap metal and set off on a voyage of self discovery taking in sights and scenes along the way. From the historic Le Mans race circuit to the wine farms of Bordeaux, from the enchanting Basque city of San Sebastian with it's perfect beaches and trendy vibe to the mayhem and hysteria of the San Fermin festival in Pamplona, this rally has something for everyone.


Like all good Ramshackle adventures, this rally is completely unsupported. The responsibility for looking after you lies only with you! No tow trucks, no mechanics and no plan B until it happens so just kick back, sling the cat another goldfish, and see what gives.

San Fermin

The San Fermin festival involves a whole lot more that simply running a few hundred yards alongside some very rare steaks. There's the famous opening ceremnoy, the street parties, the fireworks and more. The opening ceremony is on the 6th July and the bull running starts on the 7th. The whole festival goes on for 9 days so we'd reccomend you stay at least 3 days to see a bit of everything. Accommodation in Pamplona during the festival can be tough so make sure you book early if you don't fancy the camping option. Check out the Camping page if you want in. For the low down on the festival, check out SanFermin.com


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